~ Norah from Fishers

My 6 year old struggles with ADHD and some sensory issues and we decided to introduce him to Megan this year to help him understand who he is and give him his own ‘tools’ to take control of his world. My husband and I knew he is a bright and loving boy but we didn’t always know how to help him with self control in the classroom or in social settings. Megan has created a world of empowerment and adaptation instead of limitation and impairment. They played games, created a book about my son’s brain, and supplied my husband and me with simple tasks to keep up the work at home. She also worked directly with my son’s teacher to implement these tools in the classroom and attended our IEP meeting to help integrate the tools into the classroom for next year! Now we live in a world where we know how to communicate with our son and can enjoy our time as a family. Megan has changed our lives and we adore her for it!