Our child had a great experience since working with Megan at Mini Minds. She makes visits fun and he looks forward to being here. His confidence in himself has grown since starting.

~ Amanda Lucke

a year ago our therapist worked with our son who was having some milestone “development” challenges at age 3 1/2 to 4 1/2. Our son loved working with her and she offered good techniques and therapies. There is no question we saw improvement using their services and highly recommend them.

~ Scott Bradley

We have been taking our children to Mini Minds for many years now. I can’t sing their praises enough. They care so much about the kids, and we really consider them part of our family.

~ Miranda Vanderpool

I have been bringing my son to Mini Minds for the past few months and have seen an incredible change in his ability to manage his autonomic nervous system and overall allow himself to be a kid. I’m thankful as well to get feedback as a parent from a professional to better myself as a dad. Every time my son looks forward to meeting with our therapist to which I’m overjoyed. Very thankful for Mini Minds and that they are equipping my child with the necessary tools to be the healthiest version of himself.

~ Jonathan Prather

The team of experts at Mini Minds have played a large role in our son’s developmental progress over the past year. From direct therapy to mindfulness yoga to generally being a great resource for parents seeking answers. Well worth the drive from Hancock County for us.

~ Brett Westerman

Our work with Megan has been truly life changing. It has completely transformed the way we parent and approach interactions with all of our children and has had such a profound, positive impact in our home. We sought her services due to our oldest child experiencing significant anxiety and insecurity due to a number of preceding factors. The daily energy in our home was tense, our time was spent anticipating the next meltdown or conflict and putting out fires. We came to Megan thinking she’d work with our son and instead she taught us how to approach him, parent a child with attachment issues, bring peace to our home and have fun again! We have put in a lot of hard work and it isn’t done but it has paid off in so many ways. Our son has gone from 4-5 nightly meltdowns to 1 every other month, which is completely age appropriate! He is experiencing decreased anxiety and attention seeking behavior and has increased his ability to express his feelings to us. We finally feel like a family unit now, when at times we thought we might never feel that way, so we are so happy with our progress!

~ Jessica from Indianapolis

Our daughter was super happy in her daycare for years. After the initial pandemic wave kept her home for nearly five months, going back to pre-K did not go well. She developed some pretty painful anxiety—to the point that the school called us to let us know she needed help, but truly we had no idea where to start. Thankfully, we found a therapist and feel so lucky that now both of our girls have such a warm and trusting presence in their lives. Our therapist worked with a level of patience and professionalism that put us at ease from the beginning, and her approach helped establish a relationship with our daughter right away. Within weeks of spending time with her therapist, our daughter’s stress induced tummy aches at school became a thing of the past; our kiddo is now thriving in Kindergarten with a level of confidence and personality we hadn’t quite seen before. We are so thankful!

~ Megan from Zionsville

We sought out Megan for my 8 year old daughter. While extremely bright, we were experiencing a lot of behavioral issues with her, specifically emotional meltdowns that seemed very extreme for her age. When researching and seeking a LCSW, we came upon Megan and after we read her bio that included counseling for siblings of those with special needs, it seemed like a perfect fit as we have a younger son on the Autism Spectrum. Shortly after starting sessions with Megan, we discovered my daughter to have ADHD which really explained some of the behavior we were seeing. Megan found out that my daughter loves art and has utilized that in her counseling which my daughter highly enjoys. She is creative with her approach and manages to connect and present solutions in a positive way and my daughter has responded so well. We’ve managed to identify and play up my daughter’s strengths and also tackle her weaknesses at the same time. Megan has made tons of resources available to us and is truly invaluable as a counselor and mentor to my daughter. Reaching out to her was the best thing we have done for our family!

~ Cate from Carmel

My daughters started seeing a therapist just over a year ago when I was going through a divorce and my girls were struggling with how to deal with their emotions. Through play therapy, our therapist has taught them valuable tools for coping with sadness, anger, and stress that have helped them in all aspects of their lives. Our therapist’s empathy and support have been a guiding light for them during this hard time. They are well-adjusted, happy kids and have learned how to thrive during some of life’s most challenging moments. I can’t thank you enough for helping my girls find their self-confidence, inner strength, and maintain the joy of childhood.

~ Anastasia from Carmel

We sought professional mental health help for our 8 year son when he had noticeable depression as well as behavioral issues in the classroom. We had just moved to a new house, he started at a new school and we lost our beloved family dog. It was a lot of change all at once, especially for a child who does not do well with change. It took several visits for him to really warm up and trust our therapist. But once he did, she was there to talk him through much of the heavy grief that weighed on our son. She helped to pull him, and help guide us, through his lowest moments. Our therapist is very kind, caring and always makes our son feel special during their therapy sessions. They have so much fun, that he wants to have appointments more often! Thankfully we have come a long way since we started. Today, our son is doing much better in school. And most importantly, he feels more confident and is happy. We are very grateful to have found you!

~ Lindsay from Carmel

We have been with Mini Minds for over a year now and we absolutely love our therapist! At our first meeting, she was kind, flexible and listened intently to really get a good idea of who my son is. We have transferred to homeschool and back to public school. She has been loving and supportive through it all. My son loves his time with his therapist and frequently asks to see her. They often come out in the waiting room after therapy laughing and smiling together. She has been a wonderful resource for my son.

~ Jana from Westfield

I started seeing Megan because I was struggling with finding balance in my life as a special needs mom. When I first started working with Megan, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and low self-esteem and she had a gentle way of pointing out my strengths and giving me a “tool box” for those stressful moments. Everything she suggested was simple in technique and easy to incorporate into my hectic life. It has brought me so much peace and comfort and the hectic has washed away to a more peaceful way of living. Megan is someone I can truly be myself with and I feel so safe telling her what is going on with me.

~ Hannah from Fishers

We have a beautiful daughter who is sweet, smart, and kind. But she also has really big feelings that she does not know how to manage. It was hard to see her so upset and it affected our whole family dynamic. I did all of the things I thought I should. I read books, talked to the pediatrician, and tried different consequences, but things just got worse. After a reference from a friend, we got an appointment at Mini Minds. It did not take long before we saw changes in our daughter. She talked to her therapist about things that were weighing on her mind. She learned techniques for handling big feelings before they got out of control. And overall, just became a happier child. Our therapist also helped us become the parents she needed us to be. There is really no price tag that you can put on the well-being of your child. Consider this your reference from a friend!

~ Diana from Westfield

I can’t express the amazing changes we have seen in our daughter since she started with Polly almost a year ago. Our daughter was born with hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Her hearing started to decrease a few years ago and then last year she lost her hearing for a week at a time which was unbearable. The pandemic and everyone wearing masks took away her ability to completely understand what someone was saying because she couldn’t lip read. Our daughter became anxious and attached to me because she felt safe at home. She cried every school morning last year which became so hard on us as parents. She then mentioned that she just wanted to die. I knew I needed to get her help and fast. I had heard amazing things about Mini Minds so I reached out to the office. I was told about Polly and we set up a ZOOM call with my husband and I. Polly right away was the perfect fit for us since her daughter has hearing loss. Polly could understand what our daughter was going through but also she has been in our shoes as a parent with a child with hearing loss. That put my mind at ease as a mother that our daughter was in the best hands. Polly mentioned she loved arts and crafts and our daughter does as well. They quickly bonded and she helped us get through the school year. We spent the summer getting our daughter ready for 2nd grade and helping with her attachment issues. Our daughter then became a candidate for a cochlear implant this year so there were many big emotions about having a big surgery. Polly walked her through every step and allowed her to discuss her feelings and fears. Our daughter had her surgery a few weeks ago and she did amazing. She was strong and confident and we owe all of that to Polly. I can’t say enough about Polly and helping our family get on the right track again. Our son has some big emotions and she led a summer camp that helped him tremendously as well. I raved about Polly to my best friend and now her daughter sees her as well. Thank you Polly and Mini Minds for changing our lives for the better!”

~ Amy from Noblesville

Kate has been such a blessing to our family. She is uniquely talented in her ability to engage with children and identify activities that will help her develop a trusting relationship with her clients. We have two children who work with her and they genuinely look forward to their time with Kate. She has an incredible ability to think of creative ways to help our children address different concerns and situations. She works alongside them, helping them identify emotions and tools they can use to solve problems while helping them build confidence. She helps us as parents identify the root cause of certain behaviors and works as a collaborative partner to help our children understand their emotions and experiences. We are very thankful for Kate and her work to help kids be their best and most confident selves as they navigate the complexities of life.

~ Alicia from Carmel

My 6 year old struggles with ADHD and some sensory issues and we decided to introduce him to Megan this year to help him understand who he is and give him his own ‘tools’ to take control of his world. My husband and I knew he is a bright and loving boy but we didn’t always know how to help him with self control in the classroom or in social settings. Megan has created a world of empowerment and adaptation instead of limitation and impairment. They played games, created a book about my son’s brain, and supplied my husband and me with simple tasks to keep up the work at home. She also worked directly with my son’s teacher to implement these tools in the classroom and attended our IEP meeting to help integrate the tools into the classroom for next year! Now we live in a world where we know how to communicate with our son and can enjoy our time as a family. Megan has changed our lives and we adore her for it!

~ Norah from Fishers

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