Youth & Young Adults Counseling

It is difficult, at times, to navigate the world these days. Let alone any curve balls. As your adolescent, teen or young adult encounters the ever-changing social circles, anxiety, heightened expectations, depression, life transitions, trauma and/or grief, perfectionism, academic related challenges, starting a job, overcoming isolation and reconnection, or self-esteem battles– it can be difficult to sift through! Mental health therapy creates an opportunity for your child to process the issues that are impacting them. Providing a space for your growing teen to process and explore their emotions and thinking patterns can be life changing.

Adolescence, teen and the young adulthood years are a critical time for brain development as the body matures. Because so much is happening all at once, youth in these stages may feel confused and overwhelmed by the emotions they’re experiencing and want to understand themselves better. Mental health therapy can be a good way for teenagers to learn about their feelings and the reasons behind their actions.

Our therapists work with youth and families to provide a safe space to explore thoughts, feelings and actions. We then work to create coping strategies for emotional difficulties including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, social and family problems, among others.

We use techniques such as teaching healthy thinking and behavior skills such as problem-solving during therapy sessions. We use modalities such as cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, art therapy and family therapy to process tough situations, feelings, and behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage them to explore challenging memories, identify and set personal goals for growth, help see and alleviate unhealthy patterns of behavior, better understand themselves and others, and work towards bettering themselves and their lives.

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