Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in your child’s growth and development. At Mini Minds we provide a family-centered, WHOLE child approach to nutrition. What this means is that we take into account ALL of the factors that influence your child’s health (preferences, genetics, social environment, economic status, education) when developing a nutrition plan. Our ultimate goal is to develop a plan that not only aligns with your feeding goals and lifestyle, but that also continues to promote a healthy and positive relationship with food for life.

What sets us apart?

Here at Mini Minds, we use a multidisciplinary approach to feeding. Our staff includes speech pathologists, occupational therapists, mental health counselors, and registered dietitian nutritionists to help meet your family’s needs.

When might an intake with a registered dietitian be needed?

Failure to thrive, GI concerns, allergies and intolerances, eating disorders and disordered eating, food transitions/introduction to solids, and any other other feeding, eating, or nutrition concerns.

What does ongoing work look like with a registered dietitian?

Following an initial comprehensive assessment, our Registered Dietitian will educate and collaborate with you to develop a plan to address your child’s specific feeding challenges, in line with your goals and lifestyle. Ongoing support is provided on an as needed basis and will be determined by your Registered Dietitian.