Feeding Therapy

Our licensed speech-language pathologists are passionate about helping children and their families have a pleasant mealtime. Our team will complete a full 90 minute feeding evaluation to determine the best next steps for your child. A feeding evaluation will include a thorough medical history, oral motor examination, and observation of your child eating. A 3-5 page report will be written providing you with details from the assessment as well as recommendations.

When might a feeding evaluation be needed?

If your child has challenges with any of the following areas a feeding evaluation may be needed; gagging/coughing, eating 30+ foods, chewing, overstuffing, transitioning to solids, drooling, biting/chewing harder to chew foods, refusing to allow new foods on plate, sensitive to food textures, and/or meltdown around mealtimes.

What sets us apart?

Here at Mini Minds, we use a multidisciplinary approach to feeding. Our staff includes speech pathologists, mental health counselors, occupational therapists, and a nutritionist to help meet your family’s needs.

Myths on Feeding Disorders Debunked:

It is common to hear parents and at times, even medical professionals state “It’s a phase, your child will grow out of it!”. The truth though is that some children who are picky eaters need help from a trained feeding specialist.

Parents are often under the impression that if their child’s growth is good then there are no concerns for feeding. The truth though is that kids may follow the growth curve but still have a feeding disorder.

Meet our Feeding therapists:

Mariela Burglan, M.S., CF-SLP – Mariela is passionate about feeding! She enjoys supporting children and parents address picky/problem eating. She recently attended a 2 day (16 hour) training; The Get Permission Approach to Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes. She is ready to extend her support to clients with feeding difficulties!

Nicole Allen, M.S., CCC-SLP – Nicole has specialized in pediatric feeding disorders. She enjoys supporting families in addressing picky/problem eating. She has attended over ten specialized courses in pediatric feeding. She extends her support by mentoring our therapists and collaborating with the team to help families have successful/relaxing mealtimes!