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How it Works

Why We're Different

Our team consists of experts in the areas of education, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, sensory integration, behavior, mental health, and wellness. Our clinicians collaborate to create an individual profile for your child while assessing all areas of development. Our team then designs an intervention unique to your child’s skills and strategies you hope to cultivate as a family. We offer a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of your child and family!

We are a private pay clinic. Insurance companies have made receiving speech, occupational and mental health therapies increasingly difficult over the last several years. Not only can approvals change at the drop of a hat, but insurance consistently dictates how long and how frequent sessions can occur, leaving families to have to wait for care and lose momentum on progress, many times spending more money out-of-pocket. By adapting our model of service delivery to help families receive the care they need when they need it, we are able to create a plan that works for your family – not the insurance company.

Research shows this will provide more effective treatment for your child, and MUCH quicker. Our unique approach also allows for parent coaching, so that caregivers can become involved in treatment and learn how to implement successful strategies at home. Therapists can work together to co-treat your child at the same time, instead of scheduling multiple sessions for wholistic care. Not only does this allow us to more effectively implement a WHOLE CHILD approach to therapy, but it gets the results you want much quicker.

Insurance no longer has to dictate your child’s care. With this new service model, we are able to put their needs first, while saving you time and money.

The Benefits

Of how our approach can help!

Quality of Care

Don’t let insurance companies dictate the type and quality of care you receive anymore! You can be in control of your treatment model, frequency, etc.

A Collaborative Approach

Receive a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to holistically work with your child and family.

Customized Plans

Customize your treatment plan (which is a possibility because you’re not limited by insurance)

Episodic Plans

Episodic plans of care – higher frequency for shorter periods of time is a great option, backed by research!


Getting Started

There are several entry points to get started with Mini Minds

Discovery Consultation


Basic Evaluation

Intensive Evaluation

Continuing Care Services

Once you’re connected to our team, here’s our “menu” of Continuing Care Services

Speech Therapy

Individual 30 minutes $65
Individual 45 minutes $105
Parent Coaching 45 minutes $115
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Occupational Therapy

Individual 30 minutes $65
Individual 45 minutes $105
Parent Coaching 45 minutes $115
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Mental Health Therapy

Fully Licensed/ Associate License/ Graduate Student
Individual or Family 30 minutes $105
Individual or Family 45 minutes $155
Individual or Family 60 minutes $205
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Add on Services

We also offer several Additional Services to ensure maximum success for your child and family in our clinic, at home, and in the community, including but not limited to

Co-Treatment Sessions
Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
504, IEP & other School Meetings
Home, School & Community Observations
Home, School & Community Treatment Sessions

Coming Summer 2023…

Summer Intensives!

Now introducing episodic plans of care targeting emergent needs with a beginning and an end. Evidence shows frequent sessions multiple times per week can yield superior outcomes versus traditional continuing care service models. Avoid the dreaded summer regression and maximize your June & July with our multidisciplinary team!

More information to follow this Spring!

Private Pay Supports

How are team works to help you afford this

We recognize our private pay model may not be financially feasible for all families. Our team remains committed to working with every family to find a financial solution that works within their comfort and ability. We encourage all of our families to submit our superbills to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Our Practice Manager can walk you through this process or you can call the Member Services Line on the back of your insurance card for further guidance. Families are also welcome to request payment plans with our Practice Manager. We accept cash, check, and credit cards including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs).

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5890 West Broadway, McCordsville

PHONE: (317) 564-8332  | FAX: (317) 660-6225