~ Jessica from Indianapolis

Our work with Megan has been truly life changing. It has completely transformed the way we parent and approach interactions with all of our children and has had such a profound, positive impact in our home. We sought her services due to our oldest child experiencing significant anxiety and insecurity due to a number of preceding factors. The daily energy in our home was tense, our time was spent anticipating the next meltdown or conflict and putting out fires. We came to Megan thinking she’d work with our son and instead she taught us how to approach him, parent a child with attachment issues, bring peace to our home and have fun again! We have put in a lot of hard work and it isn’t done but it has paid off in so many ways. Our son has gone from 4-5 nightly meltdowns to 1 every other month, which is completely age appropriate! He is experiencing decreased anxiety and attention seeking behavior and has increased his ability to express his feelings to us. We finally feel like a family unit now, when at times we thought we might never feel that way, so we are so happy with our progress!