~ Cate from Carmel

We sought out Megan for my 8 year old daughter. While extremely bright, we were experiencing a lot of behavioral issues with her, specifically emotional meltdowns that seemed very extreme for her age. When researching and seeking a LCSW, we came upon Megan and after we read her bio that included counseling for siblings of those with special needs, it seemed like a perfect fit as we have a younger son on the Autism Spectrum. Shortly after starting sessions with Megan, we discovered my daughter to have ADHD which really explained some of the behavior we were seeing. Megan found out that my daughter loves art and has utilized that in her counseling which my daughter highly enjoys. She is creative with her approach and manages to connect and present solutions in a positive way and my daughter has responded so well. We’ve managed to identify and play up my daughter’s strengths and also tackle her weaknesses at the same time. Megan has made tons of resources available to us and is truly invaluable as a counselor and mentor to my daughter. Reaching out to her was the best thing we have done for our family!