Here at Mini Minds we value the development of grit, growth mindset, mindfulness and meditation in all our children! Does your child take on challenges? Does your child know how to critically think about a problem? Does your child persevere when the solution seems out of reach? Does your child know how to keep their hopes high and their thoughts positive, even in the face of unkindness? Our children are faced with several opportunities each day to reframe how to approach challenges and problem solve sticky situations. We know these are the most formative years in your child’s life and the skills and tools they learn now will serve them for the rest of their academic career and into adulthood. Let’s work together to empower our children with the emotional intelligence to be the change and make a difference!

Our team has developed several engaging yoga workshops that meet several of Indiana’s Social-Emotional Learning Competencies for elementary school, including growth mindset, persistence, resilience, emotional awareness, empathy development, perspective taking, problem solving, self regulation, & understanding of the connection between the mind and the body. Our Certified Child Yoga Instructors, who are also licensed clinicians at our practice, will teach your child about the cohesiveness of the mind and body in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Price per child is $40 and includes a healthy snack and craft to carryover learning to home. To register your child for a yoga workshop, please contact today!

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