Sarah Dube

Mental Health Therapist
Brief info

Sarah is a licensed social worker who focuses on children, youth, and parents. Sarah specializes in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, life changes, and issues of self-esteem and self-confidence. Additionally, Sarah enjoys working with women navigating the ebbs and flows of postpartum and motherhood, and adults struggling with substance use.

Hi There! I was a teacher for about 10 years, working with a range of students from preschool through highschool. I realized it was time to change gears when I became much less interested in teaching curriculum and much more interested in the lives of the students and families I was working with. Once able to focus on the behavioral health path, I became a resiliency coach, school based therapist, and was fortunate to be able to expand my scope of practice to adults struggling with substance use.

I often gravitate toward creative approaches, incorporating art and play based interventions, mindfulness, mind body connection, CBT and DBT. I root myself in a strengths based, whole person stance to help guide and navigate the therapeutic journey. I encourage clients to take an active role in treatment and believe collaboration is the key to success.

I come to you from New England, growing up in Maine, living a good portion of my professional life in New Hampshire, and spending a year in Vermont before finding my way to Indiana. After living here for about 3 years, my family and I moved to Tennessee, but after a couple years in the south, found our way back to the Midwest.

Wherever you’re coming from, I’ll meet you where you are and walk beside you until we get to where you are going. We are not meant to walk through the tangle of life’s challenges alone and I hope to support you in your journey.