Peyton Cunningham

Mental Health Therapist
Brief info

Peyton is a licensed mental health counselor. She enjoys working with youth of all ages with complex trauma, mood disorders, impulse control and behavioral disorders, and attachment issues. She has received training in and utilizes CBT and trauma-focused CBT techniques, DBT and emotion regulation strategies, behavior management and skill development, and play therapy and art therapy techniques.

My interest in psychology started during my undergraduate career at Indiana University. While pursuing my Human Biology degree, I had a desire to learn more about the “why” behind human behavior and interactions and ultimately decided to add Psychology as a second degree. I had many opportunities that allowed me to combine my passion for psychology and my desire to connect with and help others. After deciding to work in the mental health field, I attended the University of Indianapolis to earn my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. I completed my internship at IUPUI Counseling and Psychological services where I worked with the college students from various backgrounds and emotional and psychological landscapes.

I officially started my career about five years ago in a trauma-focused residential setting for court-ordered youth and survivors of human trafficking. I provided individual, group, and family therapy services. It was in this setting that I worked with youth to help them gain the confidence and strategies in order to regulate challenging emotions, heal from trauma, and live fulfilling lives. It was a privilege to watch the youth develop resiliency and a sense of pride as they progressed through treatment. Additionally, I am trained in the Teaching Family Model, a behavior management program that identifies skill deficits within behavioral issues and then teaches skills to youth utilizing effective praise, teaching interactions, and intensive teaching. I am currently a trainer in TFM and have worked with parents and staff on utilizing the model.

At the heart of my practice is a deep-rooted belief in the power of human resilience and the potential for positive change. I truly respect the courage it takes to start a therapeutic journey and understand that every individual’s journey is unique. I work with youth of all ages and from all backgrounds. I have a special interest in working with complex trauma, mood disorders, impulse control and behavioral disorders, and attachment issues. I use integrative therapy approaches and strategies including CBT, TF-CBT, DBT, interpersonal, and play therapy and art therapy techniques. I work to tailor my therapeutic approach to best meet your child’s specific needs and goals. Whether your child is navigating through challenging life transitions, coping with anxiety or depression, healing from past trauma, or striving to improve your relationships, I am here to provide unwavering support and a safe space for exploration and learning.

When I’m outside of work, I enjoy thrifting, reading and writing, making jewelry and other DIY projects, spending time with my pets, and hosting my loved ones.

Undergraduate: Indiana University 2016- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology
Graduate: University of Indianapolis 2018- Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling