Ally Delks

Occupational Therapist
Brief info

Hello my name is Ally and I was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana. I studied Exercise Science and Psychology at Indiana University in Bloomington where I discovered my interest in Occupational Therapy. I attended graduate school at the University of Indianapolis where I received my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy in 2020. My professional career began at an outpatient pediatric clinic in Hollywood, FL where I was able to treat children with a variety of age groups and disabilities.

I have a deep passion for holistic and nature-based healing which led me to my doctoral capstone project where I implemented a nature-based therapy group with adolescents. The interventions included breathwork, meditation, journaling, and grounding. The results of this project were phenomenal and really highlighted the power of using nature and mindfulness to regulate our bodies and minds.

Throughout my teenage and adult years I have grown to absolutely love and adore children. They have the ability to bring out my inner child allowing me to relate to and understand them on a deeper level. I am especially excited to be a part of the team at Mini Minds as we have the ability to treat each child as a whole, involving their families and home environments as we work towards achieving their goals.

My dream is to one day implement an outdoor Occupational Therapy summer camp for children that involves sensory integration, motor coordination, social skills, and mindfulness.

In my free time I enjoy creating vegan dishes, hiking, traveling, listening to music, practicing yoga, swimming in the ocean, coaching others on health and lifestyle, and pretty much anything else that involves the outdoors!