The arts are a powerful thing! Whether acting in a play, singing a song, performing a dance, drawing a picture or writing a poem, the arts allow people to express themselves and their ideas without having to put them into words. This is just one of the many reasons expressive arts therapy has become popular!

  • Art therapy is a blended field of therapeutic practice that combines art and psychology, utilizing the creative process, artistic techniques, and external artwork to support individuals to develop self-awareness, explore emotions, and address unresolved conflict or trauma.
  • Art therapy has the power to bridge the gap between provider and child, creating a means of communication and connection. 
  • Art therapy gives children a vehicle for communication in a way that does not require verbal engagement, as sometimes children do not have the words to express their feelings and experiences. 
  • Art therapy is also a great way to keep children engaged with the therapeutic process, creating a hands-on therapeutic experience.