Latest Past Events

How to Raise an Intuitive Eater

For the parents that are struggling with their kiddos who are picky eaters, feeling as if their kid is eating too many sweets, and feeling completely at a loss with how to navigate meal times. Join Priscilla Moore, LSW to learn how to raise an intuitive eater and finally feel a sense of freedom and relief around meal times.

Building Self Esteem

Let's be real, it's hard being your authentic self and we understand that you may not always feel your best or even may struggle with how you view who you are in this world. This group provides a safe space to focus on bridging the gap between your ideal self and obstacles that may be standing in your way. Come…

Body Neutrality

For the girl that is struggling with body image and negative body comments. Explore a space with others experiencing similar challenges and begin to heal your relationship with your body. Join Priscilla Moore, LSW, and Morgan Clark, LSW to learn more about how to use body neutrality in your everyday life so that you can show up being authentically you…