~ Amy from Noblesville

I can’t express the amazing changes we have seen in our daughter since she started with Polly almost a year ago. Our daughter was born with hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Her hearing started to decrease a few years ago and then last year she lost her hearing for a week at a time which was unbearable. The pandemic and everyone wearing masks took away her ability to completely understand what someone was saying because she couldn’t lip read. Our daughter became anxious and attached to me because she felt safe at home. She cried every school morning last year which became so hard on us as parents. She then mentioned that she just wanted to die. I knew I needed to get her help and fast. I had heard amazing things about Mini Minds so I reached out to the office. I was told about Polly and we set up a ZOOM call with my husband and I. Polly right away was the perfect fit for us since her daughter has hearing loss. Polly could understand what our daughter was going through but also she has been in our shoes as a parent with a child with hearing loss. That put my mind at ease as a mother that our daughter was in the best hands. Polly mentioned she loved arts and crafts and our daughter does as well. They quickly bonded and she helped us get through the school year. We spent the summer getting our daughter ready for 2nd grade and helping with her attachment issues. Our daughter then became a candidate for a cochlear implant this year so there were many big emotions about having a big surgery. Polly walked her through every step and allowed her to discuss her feelings and fears. Our daughter had her surgery a few weeks ago and she did amazing. She was strong and confident and we owe all of that to Polly. I can’t say enough about Polly and helping our family get on the right track again. Our son has some big emotions and she led a summer camp that helped him tremendously as well. I raved about Polly to my best friend and now her daughter sees her as well. Thank you Polly and Mini Minds for changing our lives for the better!”