Victoria Vance, LMHC candidate

Mental Health Graduate Intern
Brief info

Victoria Vance is our graduate student who will graduate in May and become an Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate this summer. She does plan to stay on as an employee after graduation! She enjoys working with kids as young as 4 years old all the way up to teens that are experiencing low mood, anxiety/adjustment struggles, ADHD concerns, school struggles, and emotional regulation issues.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be in a career field where I can help others. It wasn’t until I went into my sophomore year at Indiana University (go Hoosiers!) that I knew psychology was the route for me, therefore lead me to studying clinical mental health counseling in graduate school at Marian University. I was/still am the friend that everyone comes to when they need to be heard or given support. So, when I decided to be a mental health therapist it wasn’t much of a surprise to everyone!

I have been working with kids since I was old enough to babysit at the age of 13, I always knew I wanted to continue to work with kids of any age because I love how their minds work, the energy they bring, and how unique each child is. I think it is important to see each child as a unique individual so I can use the approach in therapy that is best fit for them. I love being creative with children and letting them be their true selves and gain their trust, so they feel safe when they come to see me at Mini Minds.

When I am not at school or working with my beloved clients at Mini Minds, you can find me at the gym, spending time with family & friends, or binging a new Netflix show. Also, love spending time with my two dogs, Wilson & Hampton!

*Bachelor of Art in Psychology
Indiana University ’21
*Master of Science in Counseling Candidate
Marion University, ’23