Molly David

Mental Health Therapist
Brief info

I've always had a passion for helping others, especially children, navigate the complexities of their emotions and mental well-being. Witnessing the vulnerability and resilience of children inspired me to pursue a career in mental health therapy. I believe every child deserves a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings, and I am dedicated to providing support and guidance to help them thrive emotionally and mentally.

My journey towards becoming a children’s mental health therapist began during my own childhood, where I encountered personal challenges and witnessed those of others around me. These experiences ignited a deep empathy and understanding within me for the struggles that children face. As I grew older, I became increasingly passionate about advocating for the mental well-being of children and ensuring they have access to the support they need to flourish. Through my education and experiences, I’ve honed my skills in therapeutic techniques and gained insights into the unique needs of children.

My career started in behavioral therapy working with children twelve and under. In this role I learned the tools and languages to use with children who do experience behaviors and emotional dysregulation. In graduate school, I worked under a Mental Health Director in which provided new lenses of how to help children emotionally and mentally on an educational basis. Now as a social worker in schools, I have learned to build strong connections with the caregivers and children, with the goal of coping with their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors throughout the school day. My passion lies in helping children with anxiety, depression, peer socialization, confidence, perfectionism, and parent to child relationships. I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young individuals by providing compassionate and effective mental health care.