Dena Hein, LMFTA

Mental Health Therapist
Brief info

Dena is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who sees children, parents, or families on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Carmel location. SheIl see individuals, couples, and families across the lifespan. She enjoys working with anxiety, depression, defiant behavior, peer relationship problems, adjustment issues, marriage separation/divorce, co-parenting, ADHD, learning disabilities and many other mental health issues that affect kids, parents, and families. She specializes in family conflict, adjustment disorders and anxiety, and has additional training in complex trauma.

I started my career as a social worker after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Sociology. I was involved in youth outreach services and managed mental health programs for kids with kidney disease. I’ve always been a multi-tasker so while I raised my kids, I spent time as an English Professor, as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls and Club, and at the middle school running a tutoring program for kids with learning disabilities. To keep myself balanced and healthy while involved in so many things I did yoga and practiced meditation. Eventually, I became a certified instructor, and upon my return to Indianapolis in 2018, became the corporate yoga and wellness teacher at Angi’s List. Also in 2018, I returned to graduate school to became a licensed therapist and certified health coach.
The most important experience I bring to Mini Minds is 24 years of being a parent. In the early years of motherhood, I struggled like many other parents to deal with my kids’ developmental issues. My son began stuttering at the onset of speech and in middle school was diagnosed with dyslexia. Navigating therapy and fighting for the right 504 education accommodation plan, while working around competitive sports and social commitments was something we learned together. My daughter, also a kid who was very involved in competitive sports and social commitments, added on high academic achievement which had its own anxieties and accommodations through the years. Both are now thriving in their twenties, and I have a wealth of experience that I can now combine with clinical expertise to help others.